How To Make Money Blogging | How To Monetize Your Blog


How To Make Money Blogging | How To Monetize Your Blog You can’t make money from your blog, if you aren’t monetizing it.

Well, unless you sell it, but that’s a different topic. The most popular way how to monetize a blog and probably the first one that comes into mind for most bloggers is to install Google AdSense or any other ad serving widget for that matter. Now, that’s one way. Another one is to directly promote affiliate products.

This isn’t that certain of a monetization strategy, because making affiliate sales are harder than just getting a click though the commissions are far greater and if you have a decent amount of traffic coming to your blog daily then this will pay you much more than AdSense.

A third way of monetizing a blog is to build an email list and internet marketers haven’t yet discovered a better monetization strategy than that.

When you build a list you are basically creating an asset. Every time you mail your list you can make money out of it (if you have a list big enough). It’s your traffic generation machine that can drive traffic on demand, if it’s a new product you want to promote or a blog post whatever, you just mail out and you will have eyeballs on whatever is that you are promoting.

Now, you can choose whatever method you want, but the third one is clearly the winner.


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