Blog into Wealth

What is a blog ?

A blog simply means an interactive website, with blog you don’t need to know about HTML , PHP or any programming language of any type. All you need it your domain name and hosting. You can actually get one free today. Just go to, or


Having said that, I wish to let you know that having your own blog and uploading it with reach content which you can source free is one of the fastest way of making money on the internet.   In this manual blogging to wealth you will learn how to set up a blog in 2 hours, post articles on it, which you can source free or I will help you to write, monetize it with adsense, and sale the same blog for about $200 dollar after, 2 or 3 weeks. Now imagine having 5 of such blog and selling the 5 of them after one month. You can see how much you will have. If you doubt me just visit the following sites and see for yourself, or Hope you have confirmed what I mean. That is exactly what you are about to learn in this manual. Some call it online real estate development.

You will also learn in this manual how to do affiliate marketing with big names like Hey! Some folk will argue that does not accept Nigerians. Do not worry, I will show a legitimate way to register with clickbank and collect your money in Nigeria. If I do it here just to get your confidence, the manual will not be free. I know that majority will concur. So let’s get to business

 How to open accout on clickbank for Nigerians

The first is challenge you will get in opening a clickbank accout is to have a foreign address. I assume that you do not have any body abroad to help you with that. The reason for foreign address is at the moment clickbank does not accept Nigerians. What do you do, you are to free use the services of a company called Graph Card.  They offer what we call virtual address. This means that by using their services they will offer you a specific and personalized U.S.A.  address. With your virtual address, you can also receive foreign checks without a domicillary accout.


Step 1.  open a graph card account. To do these go to There upon registration you will be required to either choose a personal or reseller account. You will need to fund your account first and once your account is funded you will then be able to generate a virtual address.


Step2.  Funding your graphcard account now they charge just $5 per month for their virtual address. For you to fund graph card account you can use VTN, that is the company I use good.


Once your account is funded in less than 10 seconds, you will have your own virtual address created instantly and like I said it will be just for you. This is what graph card addresses looks like.


LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC PMB:1212,8101 Sandy Spring Road Suite 220, Laurel MD 20707 USA

All graph card address looks like that. The only way they will know it is yours is the PMB. The addresses are always the same it is just the PMB that is unique to you. Once you have obtained your address, you will then go back to clickbank .com and sign up.  Now when you make money on, clickbank will post your check to the above address and they will send it to you in Nigeria. I will teach you what to do when signing up so that you will be able to receive your check securely. For now you can go and verify what I have just told you and come back and purchase the manual for a complete guide for opening your blog, selling it, and making money on clickbank at the cost of N1000. God bless you.

However if you feel you cannot for any reason afford N1000 feel free to contact us by our email